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Poly Boards

A portable power distribution solution made from impact resistant polyethylene and ranging from small 4 Outlet to large 16+ Outlet options.

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Rubber Boards

Rubber power boards are made from a minimum 10mm thick rubber and come fixed on a galvanised frame for those larger site power situations.

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Wall Mounts

Wallmounted power boards are an excellent solution whether it's for temporary power distribution, or a fixed power board option that is needed.

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Our new range of quality power distribution products for the performance and entertainment industry!

Bosbox Power Distribution Leads


A selection of heavy duty rubber leads specially (or specifically) designed to connect your Bosbox portable power system together.


Bosbox solves the problems of providing safe, temporary power to the workplace. Wether it's for building sites, mining, industrial or recreational use, Bosbox will do the job.

The rugged casing on all of our products means protection against the elements while still making them portable and easy to move.

Apart from our standard boards if you need a board to suit your specific needs we will design and build you one FAST!


  • All boards made from either strong rubber or impact resistant polyethylene
  • IP 66 rated
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Fast and on time delivery
  • Safe and reliable
  • 100% Australian owned and run company
  • All Items can be customised